Project Update

Beginning the planning process

In mid-2021, the BaptistCare Board adopted a resolution to commence a planning process for the renewal and improvement of the Macquarie Park site. This resolution included:

  • Preparation of a Development Application for a draft Master Plan for the Macquarie Park site
  • Preparation of a Development Application for Stage 1 of the site’s renewal. BaptistCare is now planning for a Vertical Village as part of Stage 1.

BaptistCare Macquarie Park DA

BaptistCare is preparing a Development Application for a Master Plan for Macquarie Park. The Master Plan establishes a framework for delivering the future uses that are needed to create a healthy, vibrant and connected community at our Macquarie Park site. These uses include:

Aged Care / Retirement Living: The Master Plan proposes Aged Care and Retirement living will be located in a number of ‘neighbourhoods’ across the site. Stage 1 is the ‘Vertical Village’, which will include 154 independent living units, 96 residential aged care beds and a range of support facilities, amenities and services for residents.

Retail: The Master Plan proposes easy access to diverse retail and dining experiences for residents. The Plan includes an open market square with opportunities for activities and events, as well as retail spaces on ground floors of buildings.

Student Accommodation: The Master Plan proposes a 16-storey building, which will provide housing for approximately 480 students near the boundary of Macquarie University. This building is proposed in the later stages of the Master Plan.

Mixed Use/ Residential: The Master Plan proposes two residential ‘neighbourhoods’ with five separate residential ‘towers’, providing between 550 – 570 apartments across the site.

Build to rent: Build to rent is a new and growing class of housing that is focused on providing high quality, purpose designed and built rental stock. The Master Plan proposes 550 build to rent apartments, providing an additional housing choice for renders in a tough market.

Education: The Master Plan proposes a five-storey, state-of-the-art primary school for approximately 1,000 students in the back north-east corner of the site.

Stage 1 (the Vertical Village)

BaptistCare is planning a vertical village at Macquarie Park. Vertical villages are multi-storey residential buildings that foster a village-like lifestyle and a strong sense of community. This is created through the clever design of living areas, recreational space and community services.

Our vision for a vertical village is a building designed to support our strong community connections, foster open and green grounds, and ensure natural light and communal spaces. It will also be designed to ensure ongoing quality care and safety for residents, as well as convenience for staff and residents with new, on-site services. We believe a vertical village will allow us to maintain and optimise what makes Macquarie Park unique while further improving our care delivery through new services and contemporary design.

The Vertical Village will be the first step in the renewal of BaptistCare Macquarie Park and the construction of this building is still some years away.

Location of the Vertical Village

BaptistCare has decided on a location for the construction of a vertical village at our Macquarie Park site. The Vertical Village will be located at the northern portion of Willandra Village, next to Shalom.

Although no change will happen on site for a number of years, BaptistCare, as part of the due diligence process for the long-term renewal of the site, has undertaken a process to understand what living conditions will be like during construction. As a result of this process, BaptistCare has made the decision to relocate all Willandra Village residents before construction of the new village begins in 2025.

This has been a very difficult decision for BaptistCare, but it is a decision that has been made based on what we think is the best interests of Willandra residents. In exploring options for the location and construction of the Vertical Village, we have been advised that this construction will lead to significant loud noise, vibration and dust for Willandra residents. We would need to build new truck access routes and close key Willandra Village access roads, which will limit resident vehicle movement. There would also be impacts to pedestrian footpaths, disrupting resident access on foot around the site. The construction would also require the closure of the much-loved RE Walker Hall.

This is not the kind of lifestyle or home we want for Willandra residents, and we believe this would significantly impact their quality of life and wellbeing.    

There is never a good time to disrupt a community, and we regret that this renewal will impact Willandra residents over the coming years. We are committed to supporting our residents through this relocation process.

The location of the Vertical Village and the relocation of Willandra Village residents will not affect Cooinda Court, Dorothy Henderson Lodge or Shalom. Our Residential Aged Care services will continue to operate as normal and we look forward to continuing to provide accommodation and care for our residents.  

More information can be found on our residents and families page.

Next steps

Planning takes time and we expect the development applications and approval process to take several years from start to finish. We’re planning now because we need to be ready, with approvals in place, when our oldest buildings need renewal.

The Master Plan is a long-term plan, and Stage 1 (Vertical Village) is the only aspect of this plan that has confirmed timelines for construction. The Residential Aged Care homes on site (Cooinda, Dorothy Henderson Lodge and Shalom) are still providing high quality care for residents and are not included within the Stage 1 Vertical Village development application. The Master Plan proposes the renewal in stages, subject to planning approvals.

Stage 1: 2025 – 2029

Vertical Village including demolition of the existing Willandra Village to make way for the development of the proposed Vertical Village.

Future Stages – Time Frames yet to be determined

Future Stages – Time Frames yet to be determined

Future Stages – Time Frames yet to be determined

We will continue to inform and consult with our community as planning progresses, and we are eager to hear your thoughts and ideas for the Macquarie Park site and the vertical village. If you have any feedback, please get in touch.

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Planning takes time and we expect the development applications and approval process to take several years. We’re planning now because we need to be ready, with approvals in place, when our oldest buildings need renewal.

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